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Beauty - From natural to dramatic

The people of ancient Egypt already had their own little beauty routine: they circled their eyes with charcoal to boost their radiance, and applied crushed red poppy for fresh-looking cheeks. Since the dawn of time, women and men (yes, them too!) have tried to enhance their best features and cover up their defects with makeup. Today, we no longer have to resort to crushing poppy petals to get a rosy complexion, as we have a range of wonderful beauty products at our disposal. But different people adhere to different beauty beliefs: some prefer the natural nude look, while others like a little bit of drama. Their beauty secret is perfect nails, red lips, smoky eyes and lots of mascara. The occasion and the choice of clothes also play a vital role in deciding on what kind of make-up to go for. But don't forget: it should be fun! Let your imagination roam free and play with colours and textures. To complete your beauty treatment, add a dash of good perfume.


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