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  • 1. About

    • What is is a new fashion website. What makes special?

      • a huge selection of fashion items across a great number of online shops
      • you can combine any of these fashion items to create your own outfits Create outfits
      • a huge selection of outfits, sortable according to price and occasion
    • What are the advantages of registering?

      As a registered user, you can save the outfits you created, show them to your friends and have them judged by other users. You can find new friends and discuss the latest fashion trends with them.

    • Is free?

      Using is free!

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  • 3. Combining outfits

    • How can I combine clothing articles and create new outfits?

      Under the menu item„CREATE OUTFITS“ you will find our “Outfit Designer”.

      The outfit designer consists of two parts. On the right-hand side, you will find the selection box for all the items. The filter below the main categories enables you to narrow down your search according to sub-category, colour, brand and price. The preview window will show you the available items as determined by your specifications. To enlarge an item, simply click on it.

      The “outfit stage” on the left-hand side of your screen is the second part of the outfit designer. To assemble an outfit, you can choose items from the right-hand side and drag&drop them on the stage (click and hold left mouse button). You can also click on an item, and an “add” button will appear, which transfers the item onto the outfit stage.

      After having added an item to the stage, you can enlarge or minimise it. To do this, click on the item, then click on one of the four squares at the corners of the frame and drag it to the desired size.

      To delete an item, drag it to the bin with your mouse.

    • How do I save the outfit I designed?

      To save your outfit, you will need to register with Once you have finished designing your outfit, click on “save” at the bottom left-hand corner of the outfit designer. Then, please enter your username and password on the right-hand side.

      To save an outfit, you will need to give it a name, write a short description, put it into a category and set suitable keywords.

    • How do I find the outfit I designed again later?

      To find an outfit you saved, click on “My style” in the top navigation bar and log in. You will find all the outfits you created under “My outfits”.

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  • 4. My style

    4.1 Registration and log in

    • How can I set up my own profile on

      Click on “Register” in the upper right-hand corner and enter your personal details. Once you have sent us your personal details, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Registration will be complete once you have clicked on the link.

    • I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

      Once you have completed registration, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you didn’t receive this email, please check your spam filter in your inbox. Should you indeed not have received a confirmation email, please contact us at .

    • My confirmation link is faulty. What should I do?

      Depending on your email programme, the confirmation link may have been split into several lines. If this is the case, please copy the entire link into the address bar of your internet browser. Should the link remain faulty, please contact us at .

    • Help, I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

      Click on “My style” in the top navigation bar. In the log in area, you will find a link marked “Forgotten your password?”. Please enter the email address with which you registered. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a link helping you to create a new password. If you don’t receive an email from us, please check your spam filter. Should there also be no email from us in your spam filter, please contact us at .

    • Why can’t I log in?

      After the registration process, we sent you an email with a confirmation link. You will be able to access your account once you have clicked on this link.

      If you are unsure about your password, you can create a new one under “Forgotten your password?”
      I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

      Should you still be at a loss what to do, please contact us at .

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    4.2 My profile

    • How can I adjust my profile?

      Once you have logged in under “My style”, you can edit your profile and personal details by clicking on “Settings”. Or you can edit your profile by clicking on the “Edit” link directly on your profile.

    • How can I add a profile picture?

      Go to “Settings” – here you can upload your profile picture.

    • Why can’t I upload my profile picture?

      There may be several reasons for this: your picture may be too large or it may not have the correct format. You can only upload pictures of up to 5 MB, and the file format needs to be either JPG, GIF or PNG.

    • How can I invite my friends to

      When you are logged in under “My style”, you can click on “Invite a friend” on the left-hand side.

    • How can I delete my profile?

      Please send an email to from the email account with which you registered at The subject line should read “Delete profile”. It would be great if you could also tell us why you would like to delete your profile.

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  • 4.3 Styleboards

    • What are styleboards?

      Styleboards allow you to save your favourite items and articles altogether in one place. You can create as many styleboards as you like and choose your own theme for each board. For example, you could create a styleboard with the title “Party Time”; here you could save all your favourite party dresses, shoes and outfits. You can be as creative as you like and express your tastes and individual style!

    • How do I use styleboards?

      Choose which item or outfit you want to add to a styleboard and click the heart-shaped button underneath it. A box displaying all your existing styleboards will open below. You can then select which board you want to add the item or outfit to. If you wish to create a new board then you can type in a title for your new styleboard in the box labeled “Create a new board”. When you are done, click the “add” button and your selection will be added to your chosen styleboard. To edit your styleboards, go to “My Style” and select “My Styleboards” on the left-hand side. Open the board you wish to edit and select “edit”. You can then add a cover picture for your styleboard and add a description for your board.

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  • 5. How will my outfit make the “Top outfits”?

    • A pretty and well combined outfit is of course essential for receiving many clicks and positive ratings.
      The algorithm for determining the most popular outfits is down to three points:

      • Views / Number of views
        Why? With every click, the community determines whether an outfit is worth a look or not.

      • Ratings average
        Why? The community’s ratings determine how stylish an outfit is.

      • Up-to-dateness of the fashion items at the time of saving an outfit
        Why? To make sure users don’t simply “re-combine” and save old outfits.

    But there are more things you can do to make your outfit popular. Here is our top advice:

    When you are creating an outfit …

    1. Give your outfit a creative and meaningful titlel

    • A funny, unusual and original outfit title attracts attention and entices people to take a closer look. However, the title should also suit your outfit or reflect the theme of your outfit. To find a good title, you could draw inspiration from the occasion for which you have designed your outfit, the colours and items of your outfit, or the trend or star that gave you the idea.

    • 2. Write a good and detailed description for your outfit

      Many users like to read a detailed description of an outfit or find out about the idea that inspired you. This way you can also explain your title, how to wear your outfit and for what occasion you designed it. A great advantage of a long description is that the outfit will come up more often in searches, which once again leads to more views.

    • 3. Use several suitable keywords

      If you use several suitable keywords to describe your outfit, other users will come across it more easily, increasing your chances on more outfit views and comments. Occasions (e.g. “job interview”), seasons (e.g. “summer”) or current trends (e.g. “boyfriend”, “pastel”) make especially good keywords.

    • addition you can...

    • 4. Get actively involved in the community

      Active involvement in the community will increase your visibility and will also have a positive effect on the number of people viewing your outfits. When you start writing detailed comments on other users’ outfits, you will get noticed and receive ratings, comments and new friends in return!

    • 5. Show your outfits to your Facebook friends

      You can easily share your outfits with your friends on your Facebook account! To do this, simply click on the Facebook button located in the box on the right-hand side of every outfit. A new window will open – enter your description in the “What’s on your mind?” box and click on “Share”. Your outfit will appear on your Facebook wall, and your friends will be able to see it. When your friends click on your outfit, the number of views on increases automatically, letting your outfit climb up the overall ranking.

    • 6. Show your outfits to your followers on Twitter

      You can easily share your outfits with your followers on Twitter. To do this, simply click on the Twitter symbol on the right-hand side of your outfit. A new Twitter window will open, automatically incorporating your message and the link to your outfit. To send, click on “Tweet” and all your followers will be informed about your outfit, gaining you more ratings and outfit views!

    • 7. Show your outfits on Google+

      You can easily share your outfits with your Google+ followers. To do this, click the Google+ icon and a window will open. You can then insert a description for your outfit. The more people who see your outfit on Google+, the more views and ratings your outfit will receive!

    • 8. Present your outfits on your blog or homepage

      Do you have a blog or a homepage? Perfect – then you can easily incorporate your outfits with the embedded code and draw more people’s attention to your outfits. This of course once again increases the number of your outfit views!

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  • 6. How can my outfit win in a competition?

    • Who wins a competition is mainly decided by the community. Many positive ratings and comments are most important. However, the following criteria also play a vital role:

      • How many users have looked at your outfit (views)
      • Connection to the competition topic
      • The outfit needs to be well laid out and inherently consistent
      • The title must not be offensive etc.
      • The majority of the fashion items should be current
      • The user’s profile picture should have a personal character (no celebrity or model)

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  • 7. How can I delete my outfit?

    To delete an outfit, you need to go to “My outfits” and find the outfit you would like to delete. Then you can either click on “Delete individual outfit” or select several outfits in “Select to delete”. At the bottom of the page, you will then find a button marked “Delete selected outfits” – click on it, and the outfits will disappear. It may, however, take a few minutes for the outfits to disappear from your overview list.

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  • 8. Suggestions?

    Your opinion is important to us – because can only develop and improve through your ideas and suggestions. So, please write a message with your requests and ideas to stylia!

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