stylefruits Netiquette

    • The stylefruits netiquette outlines a few important rules to ensure that all users in the stylefruits community can feel comfortable. By using stylefruits, all members automatically accept this netiquette.

      The stylefruits Ground Rules

    • Personal Data
      The security of your personal data is important to us. Therefore, we recommend that you never write your e-mail address, telephone number or other personal information in areas visible to the public.

      Public areas and content include:

      • Outfits and outfit comments
      • Style questions and their answers

      Areas visible to all community members:
      • Guestbook

      In your personal profile settings you can decide if your internet contact data (ICQ, Skype, AIM, your own website) should be seen by all community members or only by your friends. If you would like to share personal information with your friends, it is best to use the messaging function. Although please always be aware about what information you share with other users.
    • Polite Manners

      We would like for all users in the stylefruits community to feel comfortable. Therefore, we ask that you please take note of some important principles regarding your activities in the community:

      • Be respectful of other users and keep in mind that taste is subjective and does not belong to a single mindset
      • Insults, stalking, bad language, threats and humiliating treatment are forbidden and can lead to immediate expulsion from the stylefruits community
      • Systematic negative voting of other users’ outfits (or conspicuously frequent awarding of bad reviews) is unfair and will not be tolerated
      • If you choose to frequently criticise the outfits or contributions of other users, please remain polite and constructive
      • Nobody likes SPAM. Therefore, please also do not send out or post SPAM within the stylefruits community.

    • Copyright

      stylefruits respects intellectual property and expects the same from you. Under the copyright law, the use of protected content (eg photos of celebrities, poems, lyrics, etc.) is prohibited in the stylefruits community.

    • The Report Button

      If you discover offensive and inappropriate content on stylefruits, please use the Report button. Offensive and inappropriate content includes:

      • violence
      • abusive language
      • pornography
      • illegal or discriminatory posts
      Recurring misuse of the Report button can lead to expulsion from the community.
    • Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia

      Your health and the issues dealing with a healthy body, figure and nutrition are particularly important to stylefruits. We would like to point out that eating disorders are serious illnesses which require, in most cases, treatment by qualified doctors and therapists. Therefore, we will not tolerate any content in the stylefruits community which attempts to glorify eating disorders or promote an unhealthy attitude towards weight loss and nutrition topics. These include:

      • Food and hunger lists as well as calorie or mean plans
      • Vomiting tips and other instructions for unhealthy diets
      • Lists of size and weight
      • Links to sites, blogs and forums which seek to glorify eating disorders, pro-ana or pro-mia
      • Photos of people suffering from eating disorders or who are obviously anorexic

      Content such as this will be deleted without comment. We would also like to point out that the stylefruits community cannot provide qualified and professional help regarding eating disorders. Should you be interested in this topic, please immediately contact an expert. Help related to these topics and others can be found on the following websites:

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      Style Questions

    • The area “Style Questions“ is used to exchange information related to fashion and beauty topics. Here you can ask your own questions and help other users with useful information, tips or advice. In order for this area to offer a maximum benefit to all users, please consider these short tips:

      • Before you ask a new question, please check to make sure this question has not already been asked. This way, you will be able to find quicker answers and tips
      • Make sure you open your question in the correct category
      • Try to formulate your question as simply and as accurately as possible and pay attention to correct spelling. This will make it easier for others to help you.
      • Always remain polite and respectful. You should always take the time to include a brief “hello,” “please” or “thank you”

      Always remember that your questions and answers are visible for all to see!

    • Why was my question / answer deleted or blocked?

      There could be a number of reasons as to why your question / answer was deleted or blocked:

      • The content of your question contradicts the stylefruits ground rules (see above)
      • Your question or answer glorifies anorexia or bulimia. Pro-ana content, vomiting tips, and comments related to excessive weight loss are forbidden at stylefruits (see above)
      • Your question / answer clearly contained commercial content. Advertising and the provision of goods or services are not allowed in the stylefruits community.
      • Your question has been asked and answered many times in the past
      • You have requested that users review your outfits
      • You have promoted your own style question
      • You have advertised for your blog (outside of fashion blogs section)


      Our moderators work to ensure that a fair and pleasant exchange of views is able to take place in the stylefruits community. The moderators tasks include:

      • Deleting questions and answers which breach any of the basic rules of stylefruits (see above)
      • Examination of reported content
      • Deleting content which is hostile towards foreigners, contains bad language, has defamatory statements, or is violent, commercial, obscene, offensive, illegal or otherwise unacceptable
      Still have questions? Then write to us at

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