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With more than ten million visits each month, three million app downloads and eight million Facebook fans, stylefruits is the leading style advice platform in Europe.

  • Founded: October, 2008
  • Founders: Ingo Heinrich, Michael Vietze, Mathias Ziegler
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Employees: +120
  • Countries: Germany, UK, the Netherlands, France
  • Product Range: Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Home Products

How stylefruits works

  1. With an intuitive design-tool, users can easily create outfits with the hottest articles from our partner shops.
  2. Users can post their designs on stylefruits and other social media sites, to discuss with other users and friends before purchasing.
  3. Anyone looking for inspiration can browse other users’ outfits, and go from a style to our partner shops’ checkout pages in just a few clicks.