Brilliantly British: Fashion Bloggers!

Brilliantly British

Who doesn’t love a great fashion blog? Well, we certainly love them, and so we’ve made something special to show our appreciation for all of the outstanding British fashionistas on the blogosphere! Introducing our new card game, Brilliantly British: Fashion Bloggers! With these cards, fashion lovers can play Top Trumps or Quartet with 32 of our favourite fashion bloggers of 2013!

How does it work?

Every card features the blog logo and a screenshot of a recent outfit post (when possible). The URL is also provided, so you can check out each blog in more detail. In the top left-hand corner of each card is a symbol (hat, belt, perfume bottle, shoe, collar, handbag, bow, pocket watch), which you’ll need for playing Quartet. At the bottom of each card are five different categories: blog age, average blog posts per week, number of shoes owned, number of wardrobe hangers and number of makeup bag items of each blogger for Top Trumps!

Where can I get the cards?!

You can download and print the cards yourself here, or participate in one of our various contests for a professionally printed set! To print them yourself, all you need is Adobe Reader (you can download it here free!), a printer and a pair of scissors! Let the games begin!

Did we forget you?

If you’re interested in having your blog featured in the 2014 series of Brilliantly British: Fashion Bloggers, you can apply here! Simply submit your name, the name and URL of your blog and a few sentences about why your blog should be included in next year’s set!

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