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Body Shapes

Despite what the media might tell us, there is far more than just one “perfect” body-type: in reality, there are hundreds of different female body-types and they are all beautiful in their own ways. Oftentimes, though, it’s difficult to find clothes that fit different body types and look good on “less standard” figures. So, to help all of the beautiful women of the world who maybe don’t fit what the fashion industry has decided the “standard” female body type is, we’ve created a simple guide for figuring out *roughly* what your body type is (let’s be honest, it would be impossible to capture all the different beautiful body types out there, but we think we have the basics covered…). Beyond that, we’re teaming up with a bunch of expert bloggers who will share their tips for finding the clothes which fit YOUR body, as opposed to ridiculous tips on how to make your body fit the clothes.

Take our body-type diagnostic quiz, and find out which body type is most similar to your own. Then scroll down to find the expert advice from our team of fabulous UK bloggers with a body shape similar to yours for some great advice and tips for finding and stying clothes to look fabulous on YOU! If the expert advice on your body shape isn't there yet, then stay tuned - new interviews will be published every two weeks!

Body Shape Diagnostic Quiz - Which Type Are YOU?

Pear: Tips for women with a pear figure

Pear figure  and an outfit for a pear figure

If you are rounder around your hips and legs than your upper body (shoulders), then you have a pear figure (also called A-figure or pyramide figure) . Where should your focus be? Your upper body! Stay away from clothing that draws attention to your lower body.


  Create balance by making your shoulders look broader

  Big lapels

  Large V-necks or U-necks

  Padding or embelishments on shoulders

  Cropped tops

  Horizontal stripes

  Make your legs look longer with high heels and dark, high-waisted, wide-leg pants and jeans

  Boots that cut off just below the knee

  Statement necklace and patterned scarf


  Shapeless tops

  Pencil skirts

  Capri-style pants

  Low-waisted skinny jeans

Here you can find all the clothing items for your pear figure.

Apple: Tips for women with an apple figure

Apple figure  and an outfit for an apple figure

Show off your gorgeous legs! The apple figure, also called O-figure, are known for the middle being the bigger part of the body. If you are an apple figure, your trouble areas will mostly be around your waist. Most apple figures also have a bigger bust. Focus on elongating your torso, creating the illusion of a waist, and drawing attention to your legs.


  V and wide necklines

  Epire cut tops and dresses

  Knee length A-line skirts

  Wrap dresses with A-line or slightly flared bottom

  Shorts, to show off your legs (not too short!)


  Boot cut and straght leg jeans and pants

  Satement necklace and dangly earrings




  Thin belts

  Peplum dresses/skirts or tops

  High waisted pants and skirts


  Shapeless and boxy clothes

  Ruffle skirts

  Shoulder bags

Here you can find all the clothing items for your apple figure.

Square: Tips for women with a square figure

Square figure  and an outfit for a square figure

The square or rectangle body shape has a more athletic build. Your strength? You usually have a slim body! As a square, your hips, middle and shoulders are more or less the same size. A lot of square shapes find it hard to create a feminine look, but with a few little tricks this could easily be solved!


  Off-shoulder and round open necklines

  Tops and dresses with collars or ruffles etc.

  Skinny jeans

  Pencil and A-line skirts

  Hip length jackets and blazers

  Cropped pants and trousers

  High waisted pants

  Belts – to define your waist


  Oversized clothing

  Square necklines

  Crop tops

  Straight dresses and skirts

  Slouchy jackets and blazers

Here you can find all the clothing items for your square figure.

Hourglass: Tips for women with an hourglass figure

Hourglass figure and an outfit for a hourglass figure

If you have an hourglass figure, you have the ideal body shape! Your hips and shoulders are the same size, and you have a well defined waist.


  Scoop, sweetheart and V-necklines

  Wrap tops and dresses

  Waist defined tops and jackets

  Full circle, A-line pencil skirts, knee length


  Belts – to accentuate your waist

  Boot cut and straight leg jeans and pants

  Knee high boots

  Stiletto and other heels


  Avoid big necklaces and accessories, it draws attention away from your figure

  Shapeless cuts

  Do you have a big bust? Then watch out for high neckline and polo neck tops.

  Baby doll tops or empire cuts

Here you can find all the clothing items for your hourglass figure.

Eight: Tips for women with an eight figure

Eight figure and an outfit for an eight figure

The eight figure is also called the hourglass with more curves. Just like the hourglass, your shoulders and hips are more or less the same size, and you have a defined waist.


  Draw the attention to your waist

  Almost all dresses are suited for your figure!


  If you have a bigger bust, watch out for polo neck tops and tops or dresses with a high neckline

  Do not hide your body behind loose fitting clothes

Here you can find all the clothing items for your eight figure.

Martini: Tips for women with a martini figure

Martini figure and an outfit for an martini figure

This figure is also called the V-figure, heart figure or strawberry. You have the opposite figure than a pear shaped figure. Your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips. Just like the square, you probably have stunning legs. You balance your figure out by accentuating your legs more.


  V-necks and other open necklines

  Strapless or asymmetric tops

  Empire-waist tops

  Large belts

  Relax-fit pants with embellishments and heavy pockets

  A-line skirt or others that flares out

  Boot cut and boyfriend jeans

  Brightly coloured heels


  Not too much ruffles or details for the upper body

  Skinny jeans

  Pencil skirts

Here you can find all the clothing items for your martini figure.

Blogger Experts Share Their Top Tips!

Apple Shape: Charlotte C.

Hey ladies! We could not be more excited to share the final interview of the “Celebrate YOUR Body Shape” interview series with you – this time featuring veteran blogger and entrepreneur Charlotte C. of Black Heart Creatives! Charlotte has been blogging about personal style and body-acceptance and body-confidence since 2009, and along the way has developed a unique personal style focused on self-expression, doing what she wants and feeling good about it. We could not think of a more perfect expert to conclude the “Celebrate YOUR Body Shape” series, and hope you enjoy and appreciate Charlotte’s opinions and advice as much as we do!

What would you say is the biggest advantage to having an apple shape? Are there any styles or trends that you find suit this shape particularly well?

I love anything peplum. At first I was not convinced and thought it would accentuate my belly, but actually the flared peplum part actually skims over your belly and brings you in at the waist giving you a completely different sort of silhouette. My biggest weakness however is bodycon. I think this is usually a fat girl no-no, but as part of my ‘do what you want’ lifestyle I have fully embraced it. I find that a good quality body con dress actually holds and pulls me in around my middle and makes my butt look amazing. I do think that all bodies are good and none have any advantages over another!

Are there any brands and/or shops which you would recommend for apple-shapes?

My favourite brands for on trend pieces that always fit my apple shape without me having to worry about sizing are Navabi, ASOS Curve, Simply Be, New Look and George at ASDA. I also do a lot of shopping on eBay. I do encourage ignoring labels! Trying things on in shops that are designed to be oversized or stretchy will also work, you might be surprised.

What are some of the challenges to an apple shape, and how do you overcome them?

Jeans are not your friend as an apple shape. You may get lucky and get them up past your thighs, but then you get to our round middle and you struggle to get them done up. You think that sizing up is the solution, but you soon discover that you could fit a family of four in the gap between your ankle and the jean leg itself. It is a never ending battle. It is a battle I had nearly given up with until high waisted jeans made their comeback. Any trousers that do up around the waist rather than somewhere around your hips and belly button, or even lower, are not worth your time trying. If jeans aren’t your thing, I find most plus size retailers now stock a lot of jeggings and treggings which cling in all the right places and seem to work better for an apple shape...

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Eight Shape: Jennifer Meridith

Eight Shape Wide-Leg Trousers 1
Hi everyone! So after a slightly longer pause, we’re back with the next interview in the “Celebrate YOUR Body Shape” series: the eight body shape! We’ve interviewed Fashion and Lifestyle Journalist Jennifer Meridith, author of the astounding blog “Art Style Love”. Jennifer started blogging almost three years ago, and her blog combines two of her greatest loves: fashion and art, and has also expanded to include lifestyle and beauty posts. Without further ado, let’s hear from Jennifer and all she has to share with us about the eight body shape and body confidence in general.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been blogging, and what got you started?

I’ve always known that I wanted to get into fashion journalism, and blogging was a good way to get started. I published my first fashion-related blog post at the beginning of 2013, while I was still at university, and from there I worked on it near enough every day. I love blogging and I hope it will be a part of my life for a long time – and I’ve just got a job in fashion journalism, so I’m definitely living my own dream!

What’s it like having an eight body shape? Are there any particular challenges for women with this body type in today’s fashion climate? How do you overcome them?

Having an eight body shape can make it a difficult task to buy into high street trends, because most shops simply don’t cater for women with small waists and larger hips. I usually tend to size up and have trousers tailored to bring in the waist; however, this is a bit of an inconvenience if you don’t have the time to do that sort of thing.

What are you favourite styles for the eight body shape? Are there any recent trends which have been especially fun for you to wear?

I love wide leg and flared trousers, so the 70s trend has been great fun to dip into! For both work and casual, I usually wear a fitted top to bring out my waist, and some high-waisted, wide leg trousers with wedges.

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Martini Shape: Ellie Adams

Ellie Adams Profile Hello everyone! Without further ado, we would like to present the latest interview in the “Celebrate YOUR Bodyshape” series! This week’s interview is about the “martini” bodyshape, with the lovely Ellie Adams of the blog “the Elle next door”. Ellie has a plethora of experience in the media industry, and a lot of great insights into how to remain body-confident no matter the circumstance. Thank you so much Ellie, and to our readers – we hope you enjoy the interview!

Tell us a bit about yourself: when did you start blogging? What inspired you to start?

Hi, my name's Ellie Adams and I'm a fashion and Lifestyle blogger over at www.theellenextdoor.com. I started blogging nearly 3 years ago now because I spent so much time reading other blogs and thought, yeah... maybe I can do this myself :) 3 years later and it's now my full time job so it's safe to say, I'm extremely happy that I made the decision to start.

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Pear Shape: Pam Scalfi

Pear Shape Black Maxi Dress
Hey ladies! We’re finally back with our next wonderful blogger interview! Today, we’re talking to Pam Scalfi of her eponymous blog, Pam Scalfi. Pam is a fabulous young Brazilian lady living in London, with a degree from the University of Kent. While she hasn’t been blogging long, you would never know it based on her beautiful posts and outfits. Today she’s sharing all of her tips and tricks for styling the pear body shape, as well as some truly lovely insights on how to stay body confident in a world that is constantly reminding women of their so-called “flaws”. Hope you enjoy it and a special shout-out thanks to Pam for all of her wonderful tips, thoughts and ideas!

Tell us a bit about yourself: how long have you been blogging? How has blogging impacted your views about body confidence, if at all?

Having recently joined the blogging community, I feel blessed for everything I have achieved in less than 6 months. I always loved the idea of having my own little spot on the internet given that I thoroughly enjoyed learning from other bloggers. On a bright sunny Saturday I remember sitting in my room and thinking, “why the heck not!”. So there I was creating my very first blog post and beginning an exciting new chapter of my life.

My first couple of posts consisted mainly of products’ reviews, mostly because I had zero confidence in exposing myself in a more personal way. I would always write a new post with photos of myself sporting a new outfit, but it would sit as a draft and a draft only for weeks, because I couldn’t bring myself to publishing it. I genuinely thought nobody was going to want to see photos of an average looking girl, who looked far different than how the media portrayed perfect women to be. I am so glad I followed my gut and pushed the “Publish” button anyway. All the lovely comments on how great I looked warmed my heart, and today outfit posts are the kind of content I enjoy the most when creating.

I no longer feel shy in front of the camera; this is the body I have and I am proud of it. As my mum always says: “if you got it, flaunt it”. That is exactly what I am doing and I am loving every second of it.

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Square Shape: Eleasha Ajadi

Eleasha Adjadi Profile Image Hello everyone! After a longer-than-expected haitus, we’re back with the next Celebrate Your Body Shape blogger-expert interview! Today we’re talking to the Duchess of Fashion’s Eleasha Ajadi, who is here to tell us all about the square body shape and how to style it. The square body shape is loosely defined as a body shape in which the shoulders, waist and hips are all roughly the same width and circumference. Some may think this might be a difficult body shape to style, but Eleasha has some great tips for easy, elegant styling! Enjoy!

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Hourglass Shape: Sophie Howarth

Hello everyone! Today we are so excited to present to you our first expert blogger: Miss Sophie Howarth of the blog OneTenZeroSeven! Sophie is a fantastic and dynamic blogger, and we are so happy to have had the chance to chat with her and ask her a few questions about herself and her unique body shape. Sophie’s body shape most closely matches the hourglass: people with the hourglass shape have hips and shoulders of roughly the same width and a waistline which is defined, but does not differ significantly in circumference from the shoulders and hips. Naturally, Sophie has some excellent tips for styling this shape, so keep reading to find out how she stays stylish, comfortable and confident!
Sophie Howarth Profile

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hello folks! My name is Sophie and I’m a designer and blogger from Yorkshire, UK. I have a background in art and fashion design, but ultimately wanted to go down the independent design route as the pressure of high fashion never really appealed to me. That doesn’t mean I don’t love clothes, though; one of my favourite hobbies is styling up outfits and putting together unusual pieces to create a unique look.

I design jewellery and accessories with a fun twist to bring a little sunshine into everyone’s day to day lives and my blog is based around the idea of being the best version of you: living a simple life, eating well – treats included, keeping your home organised, but relaxed and chasing your dreams no matter how crazy they seem!

What is your body shape, and how would you describe it?

I believe I have an hourglass figure. I don’t have a large chest as some hourglass gals, but I have a small waist compared to my hips and fairly broad shoulders. From the side, however, I have a bloated stomach due to some health and anxiety issues so it makes dressing my hourglass figure a little more difficult – no one seems to give you ‘profile’ options when deciding your body shape though, do they? So we have to fend for ourselves on that one!

What is your favourite thing about your body shape?

I do love my little waist and curvy hips, but the thing I love most about my shape is that I have accepted it as me! I’ve learned how to dress to feel the best possible way about myself. Whatever your shape, learn to love yourself and on those bad days (we all have them!) throw on your favourite cardigan or a special pair of earrings and remember why you love them each time you feel your confidence slip.

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